Schaefer Sheet Feeder


Sheet feeder, Schaefer VSF-1, is an accessory device that can be used with either Schaefer gluing machines or other major brands to increase operator output or reduce labor. The VSF-1 feeds paper sheets into the gluing machine either on a signal from the operators or on an automatically timed cycle.
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Sizes: 24", 32", 40", 48"
The sheet feeder holds approximately 300 sheets of paper. To feed, it picks up a single sheet with vacuum cups, lifts it, then indexes forward, drops, and inserts the sheet into the gluing machine.
The VSF-1 Schaefer sheet feeder can feed sheets at intervals ranging from 2 1/2 seconds to 30 seconds. This allows the interval to be adjusted to fit the type of work being done, and allow sufficient time for mounting the glued sheets. It can easily be adjusted for different label sizes, and is built with adjustments for table height so that it can easily be fitted to many types of gluing equipment. The VSF-1 sheet feeder can easily reduce the labor involved in gluing sheets by 50%, and can be used for corrugated labeling, toy production, picture mounting, and consumer product labeling.

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