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Industrial Gluing Machine for Hot Glue

The Schaefer Industrial gluing machine is designed for the application of hot animal glue to bookcloth, paper, chipboard, and other sheet materials. Our other gluing machines like the Hotmelt Roll Coater - HM Series and RT Hotmelt Roll coater are used to apply hot melt glue to sheet material.
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Sizes: 28", 34" The industrial gluing machine has a heated cast iron glue tank, bronze tank roll, and stainless steel application roll to provide precision coating of the heated adhesive. It has a low speed tank roller to minimize foaming of the glue and the cast iron tank helps to assure uniform heating of the adhesive. The amount of glue applied by this machine is regulated by a precision dial adjustment of the gap between the tank roll and the coating roll.
This gluing machine is designed to run hot animal glue which is applied at approximately 140 F, and is popular for gluing bookcloth or paper, especially in situations where an edge must be turned after gluing and needs to hold to the substrate.
Typical applications for the gluing machine are bookbinding, jewelry box manufacturing, the gluing of inserts for wooden boxes, and specialty case manufacturing.

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