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Schaefer Machine Co. can often modify the standard adhesive roll coaters and smoothing presses to fit special applications. We are able to connect machines to conveyer systems or link machines so they can laminate parts or transfer them to secondary operations.


A number of modifications can be made to adhesive rollcoaters. Machines can be modified to:

  • Apply a stripe of adhesive or coating
  • Apply multiple stripes of adhesive or coating
  • Coat thick parts such as foam blocks
  • Apply heavy coating using a knurled roll
  • Apply dots of adhesive
  • Coat parts and then laminate them to release paper
  • Glue and laminate a rigid sheet to a flexible sheet such as foam, cloth, or release paper
  • Coat a web of material
  • Add a recirculation system and reservoir for adhesive
  • Custom Widths
Smoothing Presses are powered nip rolls, and can also be modified in several ways:
  • Air cylinders can be added to increase squeeze pressure
  • Can be coupled to a hotmelt coater to laminate parts to release paper after coating.
  • Can be built into an assembly machine to laminate film adhesive to a part (see drawing below)
  • Can be built for lamination of parts up to 6" thick
  • Can be used as a press feed - large sheet of material can be fed into cutting presses, or the scrap sheet can be pulled out of the press.
  • Custom widths can be made.
  • Rollers can be made of stainless steel, aluminum, or plated steel in place of the standard urethane surfaced rollers.
Contact us with your requirements for customized glue application machines or nip rollers. We will work with you to determine if one of our standard machines can be modified to fit your needs, or if a special design is required.

CLICK HERE and use our information request form to tell us your needs
(or call us.)
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