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Schaefer water base adhesives and hot melt adhesives have been formulated for use in roll coating machines. These adhesives provide excellent bond strengths and a proven track record. The water base adhesives can be applied by roll coater, spray, or brushing, and offer easy cleanup with water. Hot melt adhesives offer high strength bonds to a wide variety of substrates, and proven performance in both roll coaters and dispensing equipment fed by heated hoses.
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LD100A - Fast setting adhesive for gluing paper labels to paperboard, corrugated, paper, and glass. Lamination of paperboard and chipboard.

LF150 - Adhesive with extended tack time to allow repositioning and smoothing of wrinkles on large labels, posters, and printed sheets. Excellent layflat characteristics. For mounting large labels or facesheets to paperboard, corrugated, and foamcore, bonding labels to glass.

LR200 - An excellent fast setting general purpose adhesive with high wet tack. Provides a bond with a high degree of moisture resistance. For bonding labels to glass, plastic bottles, metal cans, paperboard and corrugated. Also used for bonding foam to corrugated and for corrugated build-ups.

CL300 - For gluing coated label stocks with varnished or coated glossy surfaces that are difficult to bond with other adhesives.


TP421 - An aggressive pressure sensitive that remains permanently tacky - great for bonding foam, corrugated, heavy label stock, plastics and most other materials.

121 - A hot melt adhesive with a delayed set. This material has high tack for several minutes after it is applied, then sets to a tack-free condition. It has good temperature resistance and is excellent for bonding foam, corrugated, wood, leather, and many other materials.

712 - Temporary bond hot melt. This material is an elastic glue that can be used to form temporary bonds for items such as credit cards, coupons, etc. Sometimes called “booger glue”, it will provide a temporary bond without leaving residue when parts are separated.

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