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Adhesive Recirculation Systems are an accessory that can be fitted to most types of roll coating machines.  An adhesive recirculation system offers several advantages over the standard approach of using only a shallow tank to hold adhesive:

    • Minimizes the effects of water evaporation from the adhesive.  Since the adhesive can be placed in a larger reservoir, the viscosity remains more consistent during the workday.
    • Minimizes the tendency for adhesive to form a “skin” in the corners of the glue tank.  With greater adhesive circulation there is less tendency for the adhesive to sit stagnant in the corners of the tank. 
    • Allows less frequent refilling.  The reservoir holds more adhesive than the shallow glue tank, and can be filled less often.  No need to stop the machine to add adhesive – the reservoir can be filled while the machine is running.

    The adhesive recirculation system includes an adhesive reservoir, a variable speed glue pump, and fittings to connect the system to the tank on the gluing machine.  The general configuration of the system is shown below:     

    Standard configurations are available to fit Schaefer rollcoating machines, but recirculation systems can also be provided for connection to other brands of gluing machines.

Adhesive Recirculation

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